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Jenn & Brandon Perfect for each other / wedding film

Jennifer and Brandon took on all the details for their romantic boho chic wedding! From the invitations to individual handwritten notes for each guest, you can see the love and work they poured into their special day! Every detail was thought out and it represented everything they wanted their wedding day to be.

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Alma & Antony // Highlights Film // RCYC Toronto

Almost three years ago, Alma & Anthony met through Anthony’s sister at a night out, and spent the whole night together chatting & the rest is history.Anthony is a professional hockey player so his job takes him all over the world. They both love to travel and they’ve travelled all over Europe together in the last three years.

Enjoy their wedding highlights film, which was filmed at the beautiful Royal Canadian Yacht Club on a part of the Toronto Island. We had all hoped for the sun to come out but in the end everything turned out great. It was a romantic & rainy day. Fireworks were a great end to this celebration!


Heidi & Gaby // Highlights Film / The gift

Family, faith, dancing & fun are just few words that describe Heidi & Gaby’s special day. They believe that God has brought them together for a reason. Heidi’s words that describe Gaby are: the kindest person she has met, she claims that He is her gift from above and that he is so sweet. Gaby descibed Heidi as one of the most beautiful, talented creatures he has laid his eyes on. She is smart, a skilled driver thats really good with directions, great snow shoveler & she stays up all night so that he wouldn’t miss his flights. When they are together they are best friends loving each moment they spend together. We were honoured to share in their special day. Enjoy their wedding highlights film.




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