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Tatjana & Branko // Same Day Edit // This is our time

Tanja and Branko have known each other for a long time. Dating back when they were in their twenties life has gotten in the way but at the same time, it wasn’t the right time. God’s timing is always the best. Patience pays off. In the end, they waited on God and His timing for them and they tied the knot in their mid-thirties for they believe this is their time and the best is yet to come. The message is clear . We may have our own plans but plans of God will prevail. Proverbs 19:21

Jenn & Brandon Perfect for each other / wedding film

Jennifer and Brandon took on all the details for their romantic boho chic wedding! From the invitations to individual handwritten notes for each guest, you can see the love and work they poured into their special day! Every detail was thought out and it represented everything they wanted their wedding day to be.

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Kathy + Joel // My Better Half.. // Kitchener

Kathy + Joel

We have watched this love from the start & are so happy that you have found each other to spend the rest of your lives together. We are so excited to watch this love you share keep unfolding into something greater day by day.. You two really do share something so special… May God bless each and every day of your lives. Love you guys -2D

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Danijel + Vianora // Engagement Session

So this e-session hits close to home… this is my one and only sibling who is getting married!!! We are more than honoured to be part of this engagement shoot. It’s hard to find words to describe emotions & excitement for you two.. we want to wish you a life time of true love, life time of honour & respect, a life time of blessings from above & a life that reflects the goodness in you both. Cheers to Via & Dan love 2D xo!  1Corinthians 13:4-7

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