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Alex & James // Unconditional love

Morning began at Langdon Hall where Alex did her thing with her girls. Boys spent quality time at James fathers home. Celebration continued at distillery districts. Alex & James are genuinely in love. They have grown together over the past years and their love is unconditional. So many little things that make this relationship unique. Check their highlights film to learn all those little things that make them who they are. 2D
Ceremony: Arta Gallery
Reception: Airship 37

Alex & James // Unconditional Love // Highlights Film from 2D Studio on Vimeo.

Laura & Jon // Highlights Film

Laura & Jon have been amazing to work with. They had been connected through the past years as friends but Jon had really fallen in love November 20th 2010 at the Harry Potter date night. This is when Jon started to look at Laura in a different way. After few more months of dating & great hang outs In January 2011 they were dating. It took two years for Jon to work up the courage to ask her to marry Him but it finally happened & they were off to plan a great wedding. Great family & friends came to celebrate with Jon & Laura in October 2013 & now they are off to the the life they have always dreamed off. We enjoyed being there and documenting their love. Wishing them much love & happiness. 2D

Kim & Harvey // Highlights Film // Hacienda Sarria Kitchener

Kim & Harvey are so sweet & so in love. We had an incredible privilege to share in their special day not only because of their awesome celebration but because we share the same anniversary! We had our fifth year anniversary on their wedding day.:) We not only had fun but enjoyed every moment. Hacienda Staff  made sure that everything went smooth & we can’t help but mention incredible Bauer Kitchen food & catering. It was just delicious. Kim owns a cupcake shop in Waterloo (Waterloo cupcake) and her sister contributed an incredible arsenal (24 feet) of sweet table. Sweetness. Everything was so perfect & we are thankful to know both Kim & Harvey & remember their wedding by celebrating the same anniversary. We wish them all the best, 2D