Kristann & Branden // Take me deeper // Engagement

Kristann & Branden

You guys hold a special place in our hearts.. To see this love unfold into something remarkable God has put together is something so special. We have known Branden for a few years & developed a awesome friendship to see how Kristann brightened up his world so much is amazing! We love this couple and sharing in their special day! Cannot wait for your New Years Eve Wedding it will be lit!! Hope you enjoy these few photos – 2D x0!





02040506070809Branden surprised Kristann with a birthday photoshoot… in the sunflowers!!!! come on ladies so romantic!!! 1234685911

Danijel + Vianora // Engagement Session

So this e-session hits close to home… this is my one and only sibling who is getting married!!! We are more than honoured to be part of this engagement shoot. It’s hard to find words to describe emotions & excitement for you two.. we want to wish you a life time of true love, life time of honour & respect, a life time of blessings from above & a life that reflects the goodness in you both. Cheers to Via & Dan love 2D xo!  1Corinthians 13:4-7

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